Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy 4th!

Hey there!
Happy 4th!  I don't know that I wished you one earlier.

I love being back in ABQ!  And I think I told you that most of our area is actually a village called Corrales.  It's awesome.  : )  It's so cool because this ward really feels like home.  There are a LOT of things that need some help.  And it's taking  a lot of work to get things going.  But it's really nice here.  The ward is super cool.  : )

Some adventures:
1.  Monsoon season has begun!  We spent some time the other night playing in the rain.  It was the bests.  : )
2.  We are meeting with this man, Gilbert.  He talks like no one I have ever seen talk.  Ever.  Serious, he scarcely breathes, I think  And it's impossible to really talk over him or anything...well, we took our WML the other day and Gilbert still talked incessantly, but he was a lot better.  I guess because he's a male Mexican, he won't be very receptive to meeting with females.  Aye.
3.  A ton o missionaries got our hair cut at the church last week by a lady in our ward.  She brought her friend from school...who is not a member.  So a couple days ago we dropped by to visit her!  She is o awesome, and we are teaching her again next week!...that is, if the Spanish elders don't take her.  That's annoying...they called and joked about us poaching.  It was so funny.  : )
4.  The 4th of July was pretty good.  We didn't really do anything spectacular.  We had to go to meetings that morning.  Those were good.  And then we met with a LA, and also with an investigator.  No barbecues or anything.  But when we got home we sat on the steps and watched some of the fireworks show that was happening at balloon fiesta park in ABQ.
5.  A lesson I learned this week...don't ever pray for humbling experiences for your investigators.  That was a suggestion made to me a while ago, so that they would be more receptive.  Well, we did that...and we had one in the hospital with pneumonia, and the another whose niece committed suicide.  it was sort of a rough week.

Hey, you know how you say that if there are cookies or something that if you just don't take the first bite, then it's easier to not have any, but if you take one bite it's so much harder to resist any more?  You should look up the talk, "Avoid  it" by Lynn G. Robins,under BYU speeches.

I hope that was more detailed for you this week.  I really miss you!

Sister Brown

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