Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Birthday talk. And crazy, insane, upside down week!

22 feels weird to be here already!  It's feels old, but adventurous.  I'm excited!  : )  It's just that, there's a brand new missionary that came in last transfer.  18, graduated THIS year.  He was in 8th grade when I was a Sr.  THAT makes me feel old.  Good golly.  I don't have any birthday plans, and I haven't advertised it too much.  There was a family that was going to make me a cake...but the kids are going to be out of town.  And the family that is feeding us, don't know it's mh birthday.  So, we have district meeting that day so it'll be fun to have a little bit of a party then, but other than that, no real plans.  I don't have a clue what we will do.  lol!

This week was CRAZY.  Like, really out of the ordinary.  Last pday we spent at a park playing footbal and things like that.  One of the other Elder's investigators bought pizza nd watermelon for everyone, and it was a lot of fun.  Today we're going to hike the volcanoes!  So then we switched on Wednesday for exchanges, and lucky me, I got to spend a day in the Volcano Cliffs area!  My very first area!  It was SO cool, and a little weird.  I slept in the same bed that I slept in at the beginning of my mission, and I got to tell stories to the sisters about where different pictures and items in the apartment came from.  And the best part, I got to go see a lot of people that I taught!  I got to have lunch with Christi!!!  That was a HUGE blessing.   It was so, so good to see her, and the way that she lights up.  She just glows with the spirit.  : )  And, she's expecting her mission call this week or next week!  SO exciting!  I also got to have dinner with Bobbie, which was awesome!  She is the same way...just glowing.  Her testimony is so strong!  : )
Well, during the day, Christi texted us to warn us about a shooting that was happening not too far from where we were.  So we texted the sisters that serve over there to be careful.  We went into an appointment, and got done about 8:00.  When we got out, we had texts from them, and our comps.  The first sisters said they were okay, but our comps called 4 times and left a voicemail.  When we listened to it, it said, "Hey sisters, don't worry, but we are at the hospital and possibly moving to a different one soon.  Call us!"  Man, we FREAKED Out!  Turns out they were on their way to dinner and Sister B was suddenly in crazy amounts of pain.  Blessings...when they got to the restaurant, there just happened to be another member there that was a doctor, and was able to asses and tell her to go straight to the hospital.  We eventually found them at the ER and the poor girl was so sick.  : (  We stayed until about 11 when Sis. Miller came to relieve us and we went home in a trio.  We got to bed about 12, and Sis. B finally got home about 3 a.m.  Then we went on a variety of exchanges the next day so she could rest, and we could all make our appointments.  It was crazy!
Then 2nd crazy story, we went to church yesterday, and when we got out of Ward Council, there was a guy there that was clearly a non-member.  So we approached him and he just said that he wanted to come and see what we were all about and what our service was like.  So, we talked with him for a bit, and invited him to sit next to us.  We could tell that something was a little off with him, but we weren't going to turn him away or anything, obviously.  So, he is super fidgety, and can't keep still or stay quiet.  During the sacrament, pretty loudly, he asked my comp if we believed in telepathy...so we told him that it wasn't time to talk right now and we needed to be quiet during the meeting.  So he would quietly whisper, but no big deal...he just seemed off.  Well, after the 2nd speaker, he just stands up!!!  We're sitting in like,the 4th row, and he just got up and stood in the isle and started addressing the whole congregation!!!  My heart has never pounded so fast.  People are looking at us to know what to do because they think he's our investigator, and we're looking at the Bishop, terrified.  He told everyone that he was the Messiah, and that telepathy is real, and that he was here to warn us not to sell our souls to the devil!!!  Anyways, we didn't know what to do. Thank heavens our RS presidents husband didn't miss a beat, and got up and just put his arm around his shoulder and walked him out.  The guy didn't argue until he was almost at the door, but then another man helped and they escorted him out of the building, and stayed outside to make sure he didn't come back.  It was crazy!!!  Later, a young woman told us she tried to share the gospel with him in high school, but he ended up getting arrested and kicked out of school for some crazy drugs he was taking...so  we're assuming that was the case this week.  And of course, it's all on the day that we have a missionary giving her homecoming, and there are literally like 3 rows of nonmembers and visitors.  *face palm.
BUT, Heavenly Father know what he is doing, and everything will work out just like it's supposed to.

We had a lot of other crazy things too...miracles, like members inviting us to lunch when we're with an investigator and it being the perfect fellowship.  And we got a member referral for a SUPER cute family that we are teaching now!  It's just been an insane, upside down kind of week.  But SO good.  : )

I love you so much!!  : )

Sister Brown

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