Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Miracles and miracles!

The birthday was good!  Mostly a regular day.   I got a few small gifts, and cards and messages which was really nice.   : )  A member had posted it on FB so more people knew and texted me.  So, no cake and no singing or anything like that.  But thank you for the cards!  I LOVED them!  : )

Things here are good!  I love it here!  : )  Teaching is slow...fairly.  Like, not too many of the investigators we have now are available, or wanting to meet right now.  So we're working on finding.  Still.  BUT, we were having an average of talking to like, 17 or so people a week...which is average for the area and the zone, but it's really low.  Our standard of excellence is 140/wk.  But this week we worked really hard, and we talked with 46!!!  It was awesome!  We found a new family to potentially teach, and we sent out a few referrals.  So...we didn't teach anyone really.  Well, just not very much.  But we are finding, and working really hard.  It feels so good.  : )
Miracle this week!  We contacted a former investigator a couple weeks ago, and he said that he wanted to get baptized, but he was really short on time.  So he was out of town for two weeks, and then just got back!!!  We contacted him, and we are teaching him EVERYTHING in two days this week, and he is quitting coffee (we taught him the Word of Wisdom over text) and he will get baptized on the 20th!!  Holy moly!  so, I haven't even officially met him yet.  But we are so excited!  : )  We have seen miracle after miracle, after miracle.  Young families moving in when they were prayed for, finding people...just tons of stuff.  It's been so good!  : )

Sister Brown!

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