Tuesday, September 9, 2014

P-day and final stuff

Okay, so for a quick pday recap, we went hiking the volcanos a couple weeks ago! That was really cool :) A lot of people didn't want to go... but they did to appease Sister Smith and I anyways ;) It was kind of a pansy hike.... like a mile round trip. But it was a nice walk, and it was cool to be on a volcano (once upon a time). Then last week, we went to the Navajo reservation, to the Acoma pueblo, to a place called sky city (maybe look it up and see what you come up with?). It was so neat. We got to walk around and see all the vendors, watch some traditional dancing, and an LDS family (we didn't know them, but they recognized us), invited us in and fed us! We split into 2 groups, so there were about 10 or so of us that they invited in to feed. It was so much fun! I love that culture :) Navajo's are a neat people :)

This week was really good! I got my itinerary in the mail, and I had my departing interview with president last night. That was weird. I am like, so excited, but it still hasn't hit me. It's just all super surreal.
Things are super awesome here though! Not all the people we are teaching are very committed persay.... but they are good. As for M... the (man) we texted and said he wanted to get baptized? So we taught him the WOW over text.  Well, he is doing great! We taught him EVERYTHING in 2 days, And then he had his interview on Sunday. He's so ready! He'll get baptized on the 20th! And he already friended me on FB, so I'll get to see pics and things right away. I'm so excited :)

This last week is work like normal, Except with more good bye's. Bittersweet.

My worlds are colliding in my brain. it's strange.  I had a dream last night that y'all surprised me and came to pick me up... and I was hanging out with some missionaries, and some people from Rexburg. So it was all a little weird. but you knocked on the door, and I was so excited to see you that I went to introduce you to everyone there, and I couldn't even remember their names. haha
I love you!

See you next week!! :D

Sis. Brown

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